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Board of Directors
Mr. D. N. Davar Chairman
Mr. Jayant Davar Co-Chairman & Managing Director
Mrs. Monica Davar Director
Mr. M.  L. Bhagat Director
Mr. Chandra Mohan Director
Dr. Col. (Retd.) S P Wahi Director
Mr. Ravinder Nagpal Director
Mr. K. L. Chugh Director
Mr. Arvind Pande Director
Mr. Arvind Kapur Director
Mr. Gaurav Dalmia Director

Mr. Arvind Joshi

Wholetime Director

Senior Management
Corporate Office

Mr. Arvind Joshi

Mr. Chandan Sengupta

Mr. K K Malhotra

Mr. J H Lee

Mr. B K Sinha

Mr.Dillip Naik

Director - Finance & Procurement, Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary

Senior Vice President - Group HR

Advisor - IT

Advisor - Business Development

Advisor - Special Projects

Assistant Vice President - Sandhar Centre of innovation & Development

Sandhar Automach Mr. D. K. Ashok COO
Sandhar Automotives Mr. Niraj Hans COO
Sandhar Components 

Mr.Y S Chauhan


Mr. Sudhir K Rana


Mr.Ajay Raghav

COO - Sheet Metal Stamping

Vice President - Operations Head
Plastic Injection Moulding & Zinc PDC


Assistant Vice President - Operations Head Aluminium PDC 

Other Businesses

Mr. R. K. Malik

Mr.Yoshiro Inoue


Mr. G. J. Singh


Deputy COO (Sandhar Honda Division)

Advisor - Operations / Improvement Projects (Sandhar Honda Division)


Assistant Vice President
Business Head - Cabin & Fabrication Division

Stand Alone Companies
Sandhar Technologies Barcelona, Poland & Mexico Mr. Juan Vilar  Managing Director
Sandhar Caama Components Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Vinay Mehrotra Vice President
Sandhar Tooling Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Y S Chauhan COO 
Indo Toolings Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Anshuman Verma General Manager - Operations
Sandhar Han Sung Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Mr.Doo Young Cho President


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Last Updated : 18 Apr 2015